How it Works

Making Crop Nutrition Easy

High concentration, All in One jug, low application rates

Nutri Rx specializes in the development, sale and distribution of plant nutrition products with a focus on high concentrations of micronutrients and plant stimulants to achieve maximized productivity for growing crops. Each product line includes optimized micro and macronutrient formulations for applications on cereals, canola, corn, soybeans and all broad acre crops.

All of the products in the Nutri Rx portfolio have evolved from over a decade of field trial results, including the Field of Dreams project. The company's focus is to simplify crop nutrition through innovative, all-in-one, high concentration, plant nutrition solutions to maximize crop production and profitability.

Why Nutri Rx?

08:18 AM Mar 25

Our product value comes from providing timely, targeted nutrition

09:09 AM Mar 23

Which nutrient can help to reduce the severity of several root & Foliar diseases as well as influence other nutrients? #MicronutrientMonday

11:00 AM Mar 10

Our formulations are hugely influenced by you the grower!